Adiroh-Orchids Eco an Orchids Tourism

What is Eco Tourism?
Eco tourism is entirely a new approach in tourism. Eco tourism is a travel to natural areas to appreciate the cultural and natural history of the environment, taking care not to disturb the integrity of the ecosystem, while creating economic opportunities that make conservation and protection of natural resources advantageous to the local people.
In short, eco tourism can be categorised as a tourism programme that is “Nature based, Ecologically sustainable, where education and interpretation is a major constituent and where local people are benefited.”

Adi Roh Orchids is envisaged, conceptualized, conceived as an eco-tourism and orchid tourism project. This is the first of its kind where Orchid farming becomes an integral part of eco tourism project.

In this project Local people benefit by learning better farming methods used in the project. This project also generates employment to the local people. The project shows how modern technology can be implemented while preserving the primitive and rustic nature of the rural economy.

Reasons for launching Adi Roh Orchids?

Adi Roh is engaged in farm land development, real estate development, eco tourism and Orchid tourism. Adi Roh believes in optimizing the utility of natural resources. Adi Roh further believes that agriculture is the next cultural revolution in the world. Now Adi Roh has taken the initiative to participate in this revolution by launching Adi Roh ORCHIDS. Adi Roh wants to go for forward and backward integration in farming related activities.

The Project integrates framing with eco tourism and Orchid Tourism there by enhancing the feasibility and viability of Agriculture. The project greatly improves the local economy.

Adi Roh Orchids – An Eye Feast

Acres and Acres of Greenery, Check Dams, Rope bridges, Nature friendly cottages. No Concrete, No high rises. You heard it. Not experienced it. Now here is the opportunity to own your own farm land with well designed cottage. We are presenting you nature in its pristine form. What do you call this? Heaven on earth? May be. But we call it Adi Roh Orchids.

This heaven on earth called Adi Roh Orchids offers you facilities for trekking, cycling, climbing and many more adventure sports.

Adi Roh Orchids
An Environmental Practical Book to Children

Now having read about the landscape, what do you think this environment will give to your children? They will experience the adventure, observe nature closely and learn new practical things. Having done trekking, they build self confidence and learn to overcome hurdles. Having interacted with children from different backgrounds, they make friends and can easily integrate themselves into any team.

Adi Roh Orchids
A New Experience to the Grown Ups

You are tired. Very tired of the urban life. You want to escape from the concrete jungle called city. Where do you go? Come home to Adi Roh Orchids. Walk on Rope Bridges. Trek through the Wilds. Do the mountain Climbing. If you are an hobby Agriculturist, you can live your dream. Do the framing, Bring out the child in you.

This is your weekend home. Come, pick and pluck your vegetables from the farm. Monday morning head straight to office and school from here.