Orchids - Project Highlights

Adi Roh Orchids is a heaven on earth to the people who want to enjoy the nature in its pristine form
We have taken utmost care in preserving and conserving the nature by using eco friendly construction material in the cottages
By building check dams we help rain water to percolate into the soil and thereby increasing the ground water levels
Acres and acres of Wild trees and fruit yielding plants is an eye feast to any visitor
This project incorporates modern technology while retaining the primitive and rustic nature of the rural background
This project is aimed at clientele, who are nature lovers, hobby agriculturists and those who want a weekend get away where nature is in its pristine form

Location Advantages:
Site is located just 70 Kms from Kukatpally
HARITHA the A.P Tourism restaurant is just 3Kms from the site
The site is almost like a hill station where one can enjoy the nature in isolation
The site is inhabited by peacocks, wild boards, rabbits and many kinds of birds
The entire landscape is full of hills, valleys and streams
The famous Jharasangam Temple is close by
The site is just 1 hour drive from city is not peak trafficea
Just 3 km off Mumbai highway